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Client Love Notes!

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Best Decision of Our Lives

"From the moment we used Neha all our anxiety was put to the side. And not just ours, even our families! She was very attentive and knowledgeable about all things wedding related. We used her for all of our pre-wedding/wedding events including Engagement, Mendhi, Sangeet, two religious ceremonies, Reception, and even the after party. She kept in contact with all of the vendors and made sure they had all the information they needed so we could have our perfect days. She walked us through each and every step and was available for us any time of the day or night we needed anything. We never had to worry about anything. She always went above and beyond for everything. My favorite memory was of her bringing me Starbucks early morning the day of our ceremony just because she knew how nervous I was. Just goes to show how dedicated she is. I would highly recommend her as she is a great planner. "

- Yashwin, Long Island, NY


"While wedding planning, I quickly realized that I would need help coordinating and planning my large wedding. I searched through social media and came across Neha's Instagram and I am SO GRATEFUL that I did. After speaking to many coordinators, I felt an instant connection with her and felt that she had genuinely good intentions and wanted my wedding to go perfectly. Throughout the planning process, she always checked in with us to make sure things were going smoothly and on time. There were many details that I would have overlooked had it not been for her. On the days of the actual wedding events, Neha truly proved to be the best investment we made for our wedding. She was so sweet, diligent, hard working. Everyone in our bridal party and families loved her and her team. They worked so hard to put out every fire that sprung up, and made sure that my husband and I, as well as our entire bridal party, were well taken care of. She even brought us water and snacks during our photoshoot at the garden. My dress was a little loose and Neha somehow worked her magic and was able to pin it in a way that it fit perfectly. I can't speak highly enough of Neha and her team. I am forever grateful that she was my wedding coordinator."

-Narifa, Queens, NY


"Wedding wishes by Neha is the best way to go for any big or small event. I heard so much about her through family and friends, I decided to hire her myself. Neha is a wonderful , down to earth, hard working woman. She is the complete package. After my father’s passing (less than a year and a half ago) I found myself planning my wedding. Being Punjabi there are multiple events that take place leading to the actual big day. Such as the mayian , second mayian, mehndi, jaggo. Neha was there early every single day from the beginning til the end. I contacted her literally every hour asking her for advice. The best part was she doesn’t sleep and would respond to messages in the middle of the night. Great communication and she goes above and beyond. If you are looking for an event planner for weddings, baby showers, retirement etc NEHA IS THE ONE!!!! Thank you so much for making this bitter sweet moment in my life amazing."

-Harpreet, California

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